Pat Something


Day mumble in vacationville, it’s time for a moment of calm. They all talk to me at the same time with very important demands, all priority one. The Little Book says to “pat something.” Thankfully, we have plenty of that.

bull after yummy bucket


Pat Something

Share your life with a pet – being generous with your affection to it – and you’ll have an appreciative assistant in your efforts to become calm.



Not all of the animals are pets, but everyone has their role and they are treated generously.

Lots of fluff.

Gray's Stump


Lots of fluff.



Lots of calm.



Have you pat a something today?


Some Kid Took My Little Book Of Calm

The kids are back at school.  The calves keep on coming and I thought I’d share some calming words from the little book, but it has vanished.  The Little Book of Calm usually rests on the old Armagnac box under my monitor between a “Jean Campbell” name plate and my red Swingline stapler.   When I went to reference it, it was gone.  Anytime things go missing in this house, we turn to Minty.  Minty always seems to know where all the things are.

We:  Minty, where is this [ insert anything … pen, important paperwork, tractor part, cow ]?

Minty:  Uh.  [ silence ] [ insincere confusion ] [ reset ] what?

We:  Minty, where is it?  Do you know?

Minty: No.

Cut to two hours or two days later when “thing” shows up.

I’ll ask her where the Little Book of Calm is this afternoon and see when it surfaces.  In the meantime ….

A Flushing Toilet Cannot Be Stopped

lulu and lumi
I can remember saying this as a test manager about software I recommended not to release.  I think it came out as “Yeah! We shipped!  That toilet has flushed!!”  There are things that happen in life without the option to reverse action or “undo.”  Lumi had a big day out today.  Lucy was off school early, so I had to pick her up from school.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce him to car rides, people and the big city.  Oh sure the population is somewhere around three thousand, but to us farmers and a puppy, it is the big city.  We had a great car ride.  I carried him to the school from the car so he could get used to the sounds and cars.  I let him down on the leash to walk into school.  He did well.  Then, he did a squat.  “Oh no.  Not here,” I think looking around.  A steamy pile of puppy poo later, his HUGE load sat for review.  Without paper or poo-bag to clean it up, I quickly went to the office to pick-up Lucy.  After a huge cuddle with all the kids, Lumi, Lucy and I returned to the school courtyard with a plan.  I did a quick scoop and a toss in the can with a few outside giggles.  He did well in the big city and clearly left his scent.

And now, random page from The Little Book of Calm: Control Only What You Can Control

Be rigorous in differentiating between what is achievable and what is a waste of time.  Then devote your energies only to those tasks you can achieve ( pass on the others to someone else ).

Calm, Control

The Little Book Of Calm


The Little Book Of Calm is a bit of an inside joke with our family.  We giggled away when it came up while watching Black Books, a great BritCom.  Much, much later, Brent bought The Little Book Of Calm for me as a great gift with giggles.  It’s been with us for quite awhile.

I never thought to actually read it until today.  Maybe it’s the mouse.  Maybe it’s the cold.  Maybe I was trying to locate a book on brain chemistry.  Whatever reason, I felt the need to share.

Today’s installment of the Little Book Of Calm is “Levitate”


Stand straighter and taller than you believe feels natural.  with an imaginary thread attached to the top of your skull lifting you a few millimetres ( or inches! ) above the ground.

The higher above the ground you feel, the closer you will be to feeling calm.