Okay, So Maybe I Was A Little Grumpy

When I was young, I never needed anyone.  Well, I never needed anyone singing at me.  Happy faces singing at me when I got up in the morning just makes me more grumpy.  When I wake up in the morning … used to anyway … I would wake up grumpy.  I don’t know why, but so it happened.  My sisters would sing this song from “their day.”  A song that was chipper, boppy and had my name.  A perfect blend of taunt cocktail mixed and delivered as I walked down the hallway.  I have four sisters, you see, so the chipperness and boppiness was of arena performance quality.


Brent must have remembered this little tidbit of my life.  That’s why he youtube-ed me with this beauty.  While I cringe with flashbacks, I also bounce a bit.  I must admit, there is a bop to it.  Now my daughter, who likes to taunt, hears it and calls out, “MOM!  It’s your song!”  Oh and I love her for this.  So for you, I give you a classic Monkees hit with a little insight of this song on my life.