Curtis Olympics


We have Olympic fever over here in Southwest France.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the athletic events brought to us on our T.V. for free in H.D.  I don’t care if you’re not into the Olympics or anything sporty, but if it’s in High Definition, you WILL be sucked in.

Way back before we had fields, Brent bought some athletic gear for the kids.  Otto picked up the kid shot-put and threw it like a ball.  Far.  Very far.  Brent went back online and bought the next size up as well as an adult shot-put.


Now, we have a lot of space to throw objects and run distances.  Brent uses the temporary fence posts to measure individual distances.  The kids are really into it ( and that’s not just the gummy treats at the end ).  After the evening events ( it’s cooler in the evening ), Otto went back over to the field and threw more stuff.  He likes to throw, our Otto.  I first noticed this when he was 9-months old as he threw Lamb Bolognaise at our window in our house in Seattle.  His distances grew further, you could see, like on our very last visit to Dad Watson’s in Fremont when he threw a tater-tot landing a direct hit on the back of a ( very understanding ) gentleman two tables away.  Sticks, balls, tater-tots, it don’t matter … that boy likes to throw.


We’re supporting their motivation.  We’re helping them understand their personal best.