Cockroach Leg


The vacation has started.   The vacation from school for the children.  This is no vacation for me.  Four kids barking orders, complaining about trivial nuances in breakfast regime.  You all shall sleep in.   … and then get up.  …. and fix your breaky like humans do.

We like to give our children a real, life, human experience when they are off.  They wander.  They camp.  They take on boredom like a nine-year-old heckles his younger sister.  “Screw you boredom … you are ugly”  following up with  a picture of how ugly you are.

Right, Cockroach leg.  So, the kids sang and danced and sang and danced and did a play and some more dance and some more singing and am I helping you feel how long this all was and more dance and singing and audience participation, but wait more dancing.

But I captured our youngest child  flipping around before showtime.  Kicking her leg out like no ligaments were involved.  This is “Cockroach Leg.”  My sister Laura will confirm.  I believe it was at a Denny’s restaurant.  Order in.  Waitress nice.  While waiting for our meal, a cockroach climbed up the booth and did a little “hi y’all doodle doo?”  To which, my lizard response was, “squish that mofo.  right leg.  grand battement.”  Dancer joke, not willing to explain it.  Though, my sister thought this hilarious and potentially odd.  Cockroach dead.  Meal served.  My high kick now has a name.

My youngest clearly has this tendency.  Cockroaches of France … beware.

Mint Mint Is Eight


I don’t really want to talk about it. Nothing but chubble.   She’s my little Chub Chub.  It’s not possible that she could be this old.


A very interesting creature, little Mint.  Great ideas.  Amazing interests and perception.


I made food the other day.  I snuck in some mushrooms.  I chopped them as fine as one can chop mushrooms so no one will notice.

Duck Fat Fries

Dinner went swell.  No one noticed.

The Pout

Minty pulled me aside, ” you put mushrooms in this. ”


” Uh, yeah, I did, ” I gulped, ” Can you tell? ”

minty pink

No words.  Just a look.


She has a lot of looks, our Mint.


And lovely to cuddle.  Even at eight.  Happy Birthday to Clementine.



What’s in an email signature.  I usually use ” -jean ” Informally, I use ” -j ”  Formally, I use ” jean curtis, bitch! ”

I don’t hand out the ‘x’ or the ‘o’

And when I leave it signature-less, I was in a hurry.  I wasn’t trying to be rude.

My children are now sending me email.  Something I hadn’t planned for.  With a quick response, I post my retort punctuated with ” -mom. ”  I had to act quickly.

I know I am a mom, but when you put it like that, I become mom in writing.  I am ” -mom ” ( roar implied ).  There in interweb daylight, me is ” -mom ”  I hadn’t anticipated writing email to my children.  Too worried about their bath and teeth and meals.  What, email?  Ah.

Otto sent a picture that he drew on the community kid computer.

hey mom here is a photo av woodstock, blue-dogs friend. and my photo also

Very cute.  I love the caption clouds.  He’s been reading a lot of Peanuts these days, as you might imagine.

The email is great for their English.  They need to think about what they want to write, then compose and spell correctly.  Also, stick in silly emoticons and insult their mother.  All fodder for Judo trash-talk.  Trash-talking is core in this family.  Keeps you strong.  Keeps you real.