Les Peeps Non!


Lucy painted her nails like little chicks. For me, they were little Peeps. Sadly, they don’t sell Peeps here in France. It’s a durn shame. For those not familiar with a Peep, it is a marshmallow treat specifically for Easter. Specifically for America. It comes in the shape of a little chick. Coated in sugar crystals dunked in yellow dye number 2 ( I presume ), the peep is an Easter staple.  The peep of Peeps have branched out to other colors and non-Peep shapes.  Zèlie has the pink version.

My children have no idea what a Peep is and that is sad.  Though, they are learning other traditions, like the giant chocolate egg with a surprise inside.  That is always a winner.  Whatever the vehicle, the kids enjoy Easter with many treats and egg hunts.





It’s just a shame they can’t gather ’round for the annual Peep jousting.  I’m sure we’ll find a French equivalent.


I can’t find a great Peep jousting video, but this will give you the idea …