Our Dog Likes Figs


Fig season here.  Everyone loves figs.  Except me.  But it’s not about me.


Lumi spends a couple of hours a day hunting ripe figs.  Tricky things those figs.  Hard to catch.

He really shouldn’t be eating too many figs.  It keeps him too regular.  Over regular.


But he loves him some figs.  What’s a brutha gonna do?  He’s a Golden.


Old Boy


Not Brent.  Bug, the cat.  Bug has been with us for awhile.  We brought him over with us to France. Recently, he’s been showing signs of his age ( almost 16 ).  He loves the heat, but he’s looking a bit fragile. … and fenile ( that’s a senile feline ).

He carries on.  Perhaps he’s asserting his right to be an old curmudgeon by meowing that siamese meow befor breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It’s hard to tell if he’s slowing down.  He’s always been a snug.  Even as a kitten.


Okay, so not much has changed with Bug.  He’s a bit slower, meows louder for no reason and refuses to move out of your way.  Let’s leave it at older and wiser.  Long live Bug!

Hey! You There!



You weren’t, perchance, digging up my garden now?

Don’t blame it on the big guy.


You both learned this naughty trick from that old bitch, Chorale.DSC_9884

That’s it … chew each other and forget about my garden.DSC_9890

The Gascon Stud


OH the boys have been bad.

They had the nerve they have the balls, across the river called Laspeyreres.  Off they went to the lakes that surround, two Gascon studs called Lumi and Jiggy.

… They were bad outlaws.


Off they went, but they came back.  On puppy probation ’til we fixed the fence.  The color of limstone, the eyes of brown, those charming, little puppies of Grasspunk farm.


Now they’re out flapping ears in the wind.  Those two Gascon studs called Lumi and Jiggy.


They sniff the ground, they look for figs.  They run around and they have a ball.


Perty little puppies run on the farm again.  Eyes of brown and on the packs of dogfood.  They love their space and they love to run, those two silly studs of Gascony.



Cheesepoof, a.k.a “Graycute,” is doing his rounds. After hunting all the mice on the farm, he likes to rest in the library in the game cubby on the games directly. He spends more time resting than hunting me thinks. Though, it’s getting colder now and the mice are coming in. He actually caught a mouse in the house, so we’ll give him a treat.

Lucy has a voice for Graycute. He has lots of lines and thought that she shares at a volume audible to all. The pups know that Graycute is not allowed in the house. When Lucy, in Cheesepoof voice, says, ” CHEESEPOOF!!” the dogs come running to chase the cat out of the house. “Cheesepoof” to the dogs means “chase the cat out.”

… Graycute is resting on Nuclear War. “War” covered by his big, fat belly.

Oh, The Puppy Charge



The heartwarming puppy charge.  ” Jiggy!! Come on!!”  And he comes running, flapping his ears.  The ear flapping helps get you closer to food.



what’s not to love about a puppy charge?

He stands still occasionally.



Then, like a three-year-old human, he runs.  Just because he can.  Why walk?


The girls chilled with my sis and  a tractor tube.  Many an hour can be spent with a great day and a large tractor tube.



Exchanged some gossip.



Bounced the other off.



Lulu, Princess of Gascony, enjoyed her day with family.