Meat Day In Bordeaux


I love driving to Bordeaux.  Country road followed by 130 kilos per hour down the speedway.  Then, traffic and red lights.  But beauty is all around you.  I pass beauty to stop in my carpark waiting for customers.

The usual suspects drove by, but then there was this yellow Corvette.  Then a Bentley.  Then a small, British curvy thing without a name.  And an American ganster car.  Not a Renault or Poo-joe I’m familiar with.


I think there was an old car thing on.  They traveled in groups.  I captured two.

Gorgeous day and meat delivered.  I took a gorgeous photo of the wheat backlit by the setting sun.


which turned out to be how many bugs can you count on my windscreen.

Big Cow Move The Other Day

photo by G

The herd moved into the pens and then to the front of the farm to finish the last of the 2013 alfalfa. That’s right, when the alfalfa lady stops singing, it’s time to open presents and prepare for your 2014 resolution. No weight loss regimes on this farm. We’re hoping for weight gain 2014 for the boys and girls. They are looking great and happy and healthy.

It’s been cold in the morning. Each day, Mr. Bus Driver will tell us another French cold joke. My favorite is the one where it is so cold the snail tentacles don’t peek out. Our girls are used to the cold, so this is nothing compared to where they are originally from. It’s practically Club Med for them.

Mr. G snapped a shot of Brent with the cows in the sun. Brent is talking to me on the “talkie walkie” about how it all went.

I love this shot.

I Don’t Pout, I Grump

me and friends with better roller skates

I know we moved in almost two years ago, but with the project that we’ve taken on, I’m still unpacking boxes. I’m down to the framed photos. Each photo requires a drill (with Mr. Hammer the drill), a wall plug and then a screw. This is not a huge task, but Zélie hates Mr. Hammer.  I’m limited on my hammer time. While going through boxes, I came across a photo my sister Gladys took. Gladys took this picture when taking pictures was all manual. You absolutely had to know what you were doing. I’m not sure how many shots she took, but she was not able to see the outcome until she developed it. In this digital age with all the fancy technologicals, I’m amazed that photographers could do what they do.  I love this photo because it reminds me of my childhood as I grew up in a sleepy beach town. This is me grumpy. I would never describe myself as a grumpy person, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that portrays me as grumpy. As a child of the 80’s during my Smurf days, I always identified with Grumpy Smurf. I am grumpy here because look closely. You see that Jamie and Cherie both have Fireball Roller Derby roller skates while I have size 9 ladies metal wheel skates. The Fireballs roll smoothly and fast. The metal wheels are clunky. With the giant size, I could get nowhere fast. Oh Cherie and Jamie were so smug with their fireballs. I kept at it though. I didn’t let my metal wheels hold me back. Much later, i finally got some skates with fancy ball bearing gizmos. Oh was I fast. After “all skate” at the rink, I did the races. And I won. All those years with metal wheels built muscle and strength. Give me the ball bearings and I was off. No one could catch me. A few loops of speed and at the end … a free eight ounce Coke. Victory never tasted so sweet.