Child Wanders Off And Has a Picnic By Herself


The kids are still on vacation.  The weather has been rainy and sunny and rainy and sunny.  Z packed her bag and wandered off for a picnic.  I didn’t once think where she might go or how far away.  She’s old enough now to be safe ( okay, I worry still … but not as much ).


If you measure how far she went and overlay that on our Seattle home, you would be worried.  Kids don’t go places by themselves anymore.  I’m not sure why.  Let’s blame it on the media.

A new vineyard is going up ( the brown bit in the distance ).  It will be nice to have the vines back.  We will never do vines.  Though, I like the presence of vines.  They feel stoic.  Probably because we live in France and France makes wine.  Some would say, “nice wine.”


She had her picnic and wanted a cheese refill.

If a child prepares a picnic on their own, wanders off and enjoys herself and no one is watching, does she have a good time?

Picnic In Colorado

mint and doop

The kids do impromptu picnics at impromptu times for impromptu reasons.  With whatever portable food they can find or make, they pack their randonnée backpack.

( Randonnée sack,  four buck fiddy at Decathalon.  I love Decathlon. )

otto and z have a picnic

Once the picnic packs are packed, they grab a talkie walkie and set out.  Otto tweets in, not unlike his father, often.  This day, Otto and Z and Lumi went out to Colorado.  Colorado is the paddocked we named because it was high.  I walked them out, they ate then we left Otto behind to finish his meal.  I usually don’t walk them to the picnic spot, they find one, but puppy and three-year-old needed a chaperone or they needed to chaperone my worries.  I have no doubt that Z will make it there  and back again.

otto, z and lumi


By city standards, they go far.  By farm standards, I’m trying to shake my city standards. I love that the kids can enjoy a picnic in the middle of nowhere and find their way back.