Faire Un Exposé d’Animal de Companie



This is Lumi.



He is eating.



He is having a picnic.



He is kissing a cow.



He is sleeping.



He is eating the cat.



He is playing with his favorite toy.



He is cuddling.



He is waving Good-Bye.



Lucy had an assignment for English class about her pet.  These are the photos and captions she did.



This One Goes Out To All The Grass That’s Growing

puppy charge and green grass


I smell Spring.  It’s sunny and rainy today.  I stood outside chatting in the rain not bothered by the wind because it wasn’t that cold.  It’s been crazy days, but a walk outside in the evening when the sun is still on, warms my heart.  And I took photos of grass.  Oh, yeah, I suppose there were some subjects in there, but the real truth is that Colorado is growing!  Soon, it will be ready for the bovines.  In the meantime, Brent squats for a puppy-charge.

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass


That pup never lets you down.  I think he’s getting faster.

The cows are in and loving the sun.  They frolic a bit in the sun.  I hate bovine frolic.  “Stop this levity!” as my ballet teacher used to say.

puppy charge and green grass


The grass is growing.  The puppy is shedding his puppy fur.  Oh it’s still there, but it won’t be long before his stud-fur arrives.



puppy charge and green grass


Brent and Lumi show the grass growth.  Boots and paws deep, a dry week, I think we’ll see some good progress.

puppy charge and green grass

He’s Calmy, He’s Spazzy

more ears


Lumi is making progress with how to lay around the house.  Tosca shows him the way.  He’s always near the people.  Such a good pup.  Though, after he has his tea ( that’s “meal” in British ), he wants to run around like an idiot.

lumi has an idea


On this day, it was sunny.  He loves to charge Tosca.  Tosca ignores him as she continues to search for calories.  Sometimes tires have calories.

lumi runs

lumi plays


It’s exciting to receive a puppy charge.  He bolts straight for you, stops for a pat, rolls on his back and goes long for another pass.



His ears are expressive.  I think he’ll grow into them.

z and l

Our Pup Nappeth Over

pupple butt


Another collar adjustment today.  He’s growing so fast.  He is doing well with “sit” and “stay” and “down.”  And a bit too excited with “hey! a chicken!”  and ” hey! a cat!” and “hey! neighbor’s kitten dish!” ( so sorry, neighbors ).

Puppy Break

lumi break

We interrupt your regularly scheduled internet use to distract you with a romping pup gone sleepy.

Please stand by. … but not too close, he’ll nibble your pant leg.