Paddock Puppy Play

a romp
We took Lumi out for a romp with the kids.  He is a big, active boy who needs a lot of play to keep him fit as well as calm in that boring house of ours.  We’re doing our best to keep him from eating the sofa.

With our Monster High toddler who continues to perfect Hello Kitty face with Minty’s makeup set, Lumi was not bothered.


Minty works her pout.  Lumi was not at all concerned.  He is so resilient to top model hopefuls, that pup.

wet mint

A quick chew on the the chew-toro and he’s off.

chew toy

Stubborn bitch, that Tosca.  She wanted no part of paddock play.  Sure “the great zap” of 2012 may be a contributing factor, but she really wanted to come along.  Even the cheese in my pocket wasn’t convincing enough.  It must be the new charger.  Sorry Toss-Pot!

stubborn bitch

Then … the GrayCute files:




cat defense

If at first you don’t succeed …

run forrest

You want some if that?

take that


self doubt



Oooo! Aged cow poo!

mmm cow poo

Hey!  Foamy pink ball!

mmm pink ball

All the CURTIS children stood still for a moment.  The telephone pole helped.  Lumi is nibbling Z’s jammy pants.
kids on a pole

There’s A New Fluff Ball In Town

puppy and lucy

This little fluff ball came home with us yesterday.  Lucy is in charge.  She has her work cut out for her.  I think this sort of responsibility suits her personality ( read “bossy” ).  Also, it will take some of the heat off poor Otto ;).

new puppy

He is from Beauchasseur.  His kennel name is “Illuminatus,” but we’re working on his daily name.