I got this phrase from my sister Gladys. When a new month begins, you wake up and say, “rabbits!” I have no idea what this means and without searching the webs, I will leave you with my memory and mystery.

Tosca takes no notice of the new month, but she loves a good pat. Summer casualties build up beside her
in the courtyard.


It really is September. I somehow thought otherwise. The kids go back to school on Tuesday and GrayCute begins working on his winter fluff. He gets so fluffy in winter. We love having the kids run around and get bored and whine and fight and then get bored again. It builds character. The kids invent amazing games. They can’t help themselves. I’ve seen great things happen when kids get bored.


There was a lot of poolage this summer. I did my best to get the kiddies out swimming. Z holds strong to Miss Pink Dinosaur.

I can’t believe it’s September! Rabbits!