Saturday Date Night Is Always Tough In The Winter

… but I’m committed.  I shall dress cute every Saturday even if we don’t have Champagne to drink.  It’s a GrassPunk tradition.

Lucy picks out the fashion Dooze.

OOoooo.  Tough one.  I’ve not worn that brown, slinky number since our dear friend Bassam married his lovely lady ( still married.  two cute kids.  a dress worth a wedding ).  I think I can manage.

Food on the table.  We eat.  We tidy.  Kids plugged in.  Mr. Green on.  Okay, I think we’re ready for Pick Of The Pops.  Brent is showered and has cleaned up nicely.  K.  I’m freezing writing this.  Happy Saturday!  Dress nice!

Saturday Night, Mr. Green A-Go-Go


When you farm or live on a farm or live remotely, you need to make excuses to dress nice. Why? Because it’s fun. No big whoop. No fuss. Let’s take a minute to chill and reflect on the events in the week. What’s our next move? How can we do that better? What’s that sillyness playing on Pick of The Pops? Mr. Green gets hot on Saturday. Other days as well, but unlike Fremont ( our warm room ), Mr. Green shines bright like a diamond when the feeling’s right.

Cheers to you. Stand tall. Look perty.