Deep Squats


It has crossed my mind of doing a “farm fit” class.  I used to teach all sorts of dance, acting, singing and theater dealios.  Doing a deep squat to roll a hay bale over to feed the cows has the right balance of physical fitness and motivation.  It’s not about you, that herd … they are waiting for you to get the bale rolled out.  They are watching you.

The calves, Legion of Boom and Lido Shuffle, walk under the wire to check out how things are going.


This was a great bale.  They could smell it.  Cows have a great sense of smell.


We didn’t put Fremont the woodburner on until much later in the day.  As you may guess, we don’t have central heating.  If the fire doesn’t go on, you put on another sweater or in Bug the cat’s case, some Christmas wrapping paper left after Brent’s birthday.


Fire made the room nice and toasty just in time for ZZ to grab a snooze in Daddy’s black chair with Happies the bear in her pink flamenco dress from Lucy who has returned safely from Madrid.


Poo, Hay What A Big Day



The herd is on hay and pasture at the moment.  Brent is selecting the paddocks that need the extra fertility.  The cows are digging this system.  They prefer munching fresh grass, but the hay is tasty this year.  It’s been warm which means growth.  We’ll see what January brings.



They moved on to Detroit.  Detroit is our crappiest paddock.  Though, it’s looking pretty lush at the moment.  They enjoyed an afternoon of Detroit grass before moving, this evening, to more grass with hay.



We had a little help.  They road Uranus home.



We did our little part to mojo some home-field advantage.