Don’t Eat The Golden Snowdog



Snow day today!  We’ve not seen snow here since 2013.  A great day for the kids.  When the snow falls, you know your day will be different.  All your plans of driving and doing things are arrested and you spend the day understanding just how cold snow can be.




I kept the fire piping hot.  I’ve been here before.  Snow is great until your mittens get wet.  Then they come in crying.

Lucy made a giant snowman.  Brent pointed out that he has never made a snowman.  I share that same attribute.  But I have made my fair share of sand castles.


Zelie doesn’t remember the snow.  She slept in and was so incredibly excited to get out there.  Her world turned into a “fluffy cupcake.” Her words, not mine.


Brent finished off his morning coffee dodging puppies, gazing at Lucy’s giant snowman wearing his best snow Crocs.


But the snow must go on.  The herd had their second bale of hay when things started melting.  They are rustic cows.  This snow ain’t nuthin’ compared to where they came from.



They are loving the hay, but still manage to find grass underneath the snowy bits.



This is what cow poop looks like in snow.  I knew you were curious…


Ain’t Snowbody’s Bidness If I Do

There ain’t nothin’ I can do or nothin’ I can say
That folks don’t criticize me but I’m going to do
Just as I want to anyway

And this snowball that hit the window, Otto will deny. He threw it. We knew it. Ain’t snow reason for him to comply.


It’s all green now.  This snow has passed.  Our annual cow blood test has surpassed.  Any other blood test that we do.


Minty wears a red hat and plays in the snow.  She gets cold but she don’t know.  That she’ll be a’ite if she knew.



That gumboots are cold without socks.  That this snow will melt.  This fire will heat.  No need for a pelt.


Leave that snowman alone, Minty.  Otto worked hard.  He don’t want no trouble.  Just play in the yard.


As these are the final snow pics of the year … I assure you … I’ll leave you with this lovely little hit by Billie Holiday ( I just love him! )

The Annual Throwing Of The Siamese In The Snow

[ can you tell it’s a snow day? ]


He knows it’s coming.  He knows his fate the minute his little, blue Siamese eyes squint at the bright white out the window.



We throw him out to remind him that there are parts of the world, namely outside in early March, that are cold. We throw him out to see snow on his whiskers.



Then he walks straight back in flapping his leg to rid his precious petal paws of that cold white stuff.



What doesn’t freeze him, makes him stronger.   It’s time to breath some fresh air, Bug.  Okay, now back to your station under Fremont the wood burner.



We woke up to snow this morning. The snow fell overnight. It did this because I said: “We’re out of eggs. I’ll go to the shop tomorrow.” It started to snow some more this morning when my gas bottle ran out. Ha! I have a back-up bottle. The kids can have their hot chocolate, sit by the fire and watch a movie while we wait for breakfast to be laid. They were giggling outside in t-shirts yesterday. I suppose this is the lion side of March.

It Snowed! Again!

Still not midwest level, but let’s just say things are white.
minty catching snowflakes
Minty catches snowflakes.
GrayCute pleading for us to stop this white madness.
the hay must roll on

Brent works on a Sunday.  Frozen urine covered cowpats are cold.

Otto finds a recipient for his well made snowbomb.

cold feet

Chickens flying everywhere.  It was like The Birds, but with chickens.  Our chickens got cold feet.

It Snowed!


The cows are happy.


The chickens are scratching for worms.


The patou has found his happy place.


Otto has turned seven.


Tosca secures the warmth by the fire.


Minty explains the importance of essential cold weather gear.


Z likes to sit in boxes.