F-ing Calves



Calving season is never dull.  There is stuff to do when they are born.  There is the making sure mom and calf have bonded … usually good.  Then, there are nutty calves a week old that like to run around and chase each other.  Age appropriate behavior, but GEEZ ….

Today’s move was a bit animated.  The running calves set the herd off a bit.  They settled soon enough.  Though, two silly buggers got stuck in an empty riverbed covered in blackberries.  Brent hopped in and with HIS BARE HANDS started ripping the brush away to get to the calves.  He called for back up.  I showed up with a ski pole and Cindy ( our garden lopper ), he requested a tough, yellow fence post.  He managed to chop his way through, lift the calves to high ground and get them back with the herd.



No photos.  Just didn’t think of it as I was worried about the calves … ah!  and my husband!  But I do have a photo of one of our rump steaks.  I ate it with veg and it was tender and delicious.



Impromptu Car Show At the Farm


Some blokes popped over with their crazy cars this evening.  Super cool.  There’s the blue one … which is a Cobra.  The Green one which is a  … uh … super cool one.  The red one which is a Jag.  Sexy, but I’ve never seen a Jag look like that.  A black one which is a bad-ass Merc AMG with extra foam.  AND the sweet Miata.  Black like mine ( back in the day ) without the bordello red interior.  Rosebud, The Technical, posing in the background, handled the visitors with pride.

I love it when people pop by, especially when driving interesting cars.  I gave them a coffee offering from Orac our seventh fambly member.  Then off they went, driving one mile an hour down our dodgy driveway.  I was impressed they took their beauties up to see us.  Thanks guys!


Without my superhuman camera, I got slightly motivated to do some food photography.  Here is Steak.  We are getting better and better marbling with our beef.  I cooked and ate that steak.  It was fantastic.  I don’t like to eat fat on a steak, but that steak with its grass-fed fat … delicious.  I am biased, but the fat had flavor.

T, T What Begins With T?


Fixed me up some T-bones this afternoon.  Played T-bone Tetris.  Though, for those who like to match things absolutely perfectly no gaps snap shut click clack snap 2 points … my T-bones won’t resolve that feeling, but they look great.  And they were very tasty.


We also used some T things to get our Farm Stay ready for guests.  If you want to do the brick tile thing … you need the ‘T’.  Keeps the tiles straight.  I learned a little something about tiling this weekend.

And we fed our friend, who helped with our villa improvements, a T-bone steak.  T for tastebuds.  T for tender. T for thank you.


Breakfast At Last



Fried in duck fat, Tranche Grasse.  With pots and a farm fresh egg, fried.  And some wine, yes, because breakfast happened after 1pm.  It’s been a bit busy here on the farm.

One Way To Cook A Steak

steakonthe grill

( photo by Susan )


I LOVE to see what people do with their beef box.  It’s summer now and I can think of no better way to cook up some T-bone steaks.  One of our customers sent this to us.  Thankfully, I had a tissue close by to wipe the drool off my keyboard.


K.  Time for an Aussie steak sandwich with a tranche grasse!



It’s A Job



Had to try a sirloin tonight for dinner.  ( Sigh.  Sirloin again?  ) We were looking for flavor and texture and overall beefy-ness.  Will I remember this steak?  Will I want to suck the beefy yum-yum just before I’m done chewing and ready to swallow?  Am I chewing too much?  While I’m chewing, does my butt look big in this steak?  We scrutinize our beef.   Cue veg and baked potato ( with butter and crème fraîche ), is this a nice dinner?



For me, yes.  The sirloin held up to the challenge of my steaky desires.  Brent is working out the rest of the variables.


Bordeaux Meat Delivered and Back Again



We did a delivery to Bordeaux today.  Yummy mixed box of beef with a packet of bourguignon from the best cuts of the steer from the rear.  We also delivered ground beef.  With regulations the way they are,  having aged beef and ground beef on the same day took some planning.  Ground beef ( see also mince and steak haché )  must be ground within five days.  Aged beef rests happily in the cool room for a few weeks.  We sent one off to age ( and some early mince ) and another off just in time to catch the aged beef.  Et voilà! Today it all came together.  Booty Box ( that’s the treasured rear and a fun thing to say ) and some ground beef.  And off to Bordeaux we went.  Thankfully this booty totally looked big in that we had enough for our local beef eaters as well.  Oh look,  a Gare in my name ( saint is a bit much ), ah Bordeaux, you are a beautiful place.


There were a few opportunities getting there to fuel funny stories when we collect around the bonfire and think about the ” early days ” of meat delivery and our grass-fed beef farm.  It was great to meet/meat more customers who enjoy the beef.


With a safe return, I cooked up a rump steak and didn’t think to snap a picture until it was well on its way to my digestive system.  The steak was lovely after a long drive sustained with coffee, two pastured eggs and a quick burger. I was very excited to taste our latest creation.


The Best Steak I Ever Ate


I love this question.  You ask a person to name the best steak they ever ate and they will give you an earful.  It might be full of what crap steak they’ve had.  Or you may hear a few tales of steak enjoyed on a trip where steak is great.  Or they will tell you about their conversation with customs about the curious incident of a bag full of beef. But, pretty much, everyone has a steak story.  Ask the same of chicken or pork?  Not so much.  There is something about beef that gets you excited.


Me?  The best steak I ever ate has been tonight.  Kids giddy yet asleep for Santa.  Presents wrapped.  Husband resting.  Cats and dogs and cows all good.  We did a mince sale, but aged the good cuts.  Though we would love to sell these beauties, we need to try them first.  Then sell. Us Grasspunks, we are extremely concerned with flavor and texture.  This girl … the mince … made great mince, but what about her steaks?  Well, the filet mignon was amazing.  Amazing!  The best steak I ever ate. Maybe it’s the set and setting.  Maybe I was super hungry.  No matter, I will forever remember the filet I ate when everyone was sleeping, Santa had come and gone and the flesh was fresh.  Such flavor.  Such texture.  I will help to repeat this.

Okay now, ssssh! Don’t wake them. I’m enjoying this little moment of steak coma and calm. Go to sleep or he’ll miss your house!


Location, Location, Location


I really truly love it here.  I know my mother thinks otherwise.  She would prefer our crazy endeavors a little closer to home.   It’s beautiful here.  It’s a beautiful year.  The locals say there is too much rain, but we think there may be too much grass.  Our herd is getting bigger and our grazing is getting larger.  This has been a great year for the pasture.

I love this location because we have some of the finest ingredients in the world.  Gascony is where the good stuff comes from.  Great wine, Foie Gras, Floc, Bigorre Noir, Pousse Rapiere, Confit, our grassfed beef!  Duck, Duck, Goose!



Beautiful buildings to fence in.



Beautiful pasture to rainbow on.



Amazing strawberries!  Yes, just like Oregon strawberries, but with a different accent!



A need for hard and fast tools.



A need for fluff.




A wait for Spring pasture growth.  Which grew quite well.




A warm wall for the Siamese.







A particular environment for great growth.






A delicious steak made with grass.