Afternoon Delight



Are we here already?  The kids dusted off the sprinklers.  The sun is fighting to stay alert.  Brent is out fluffing the hay.  Below is hay that has been fluffed.



Lucy and Lumi ran around in sprinkler-ville



Lunch outside in the sun today.  Gonna grab some afternoon delight.

  That sounds kind of crazy.

Best Day Ever

( photo by b. curtis )

The sun was doing the  sun thing. I feel sun drunk. So gorgeous. So much to do, but for whatever reason ( see sun ), it’s all good.



Kids running.  Making things happen.  Food happening.  Cows fattening.  Lawns mowed.  Total bliss.



And the lilacs.  Gorgeous smell.  Lots of sneezing.  There is so much daylight, we’ll have to enjoy this day for a few more hours.

Set White Balance To Bright Sunlight Mode


This is Bug the cat.  When Bug steps out during the winter, shadow or no shadow, it must mean it is warm. Therefore, there shall be no more weeks of winter.


When the kids go back to school after a great two weeks off, there is a lull. In my heart, I’d like to get out there and rock-n-roll and chop some blackberries. In my head, I feel like this silence is kind of nice. A lull plus super gorgeous Gascony sun makes me slow down.


Oh and look, it’s almost lunch time. By the time lunch is done and the coffee and the clean-up, well it will be time to pick up those kids. No sense chopping for an hour. I suppose I’ll get to it tomorrow.


Big Cow Move The Other Day

photo by G

The herd moved into the pens and then to the front of the farm to finish the last of the 2013 alfalfa. That’s right, when the alfalfa lady stops singing, it’s time to open presents and prepare for your 2014 resolution. No weight loss regimes on this farm. We’re hoping for weight gain 2014 for the boys and girls. They are looking great and happy and healthy.

It’s been cold in the morning. Each day, Mr. Bus Driver will tell us another French cold joke. My favorite is the one where it is so cold the snail tentacles don’t peek out. Our girls are used to the cold, so this is nothing compared to where they are originally from. It’s practically Club Med for them.

Mr. G snapped a shot of Brent with the cows in the sun. Brent is talking to me on the “talkie walkie” about how it all went.

I love this shot.

The Sun Is On


A warm day today!  I think we hit 6C, which is a lovely temperature after the negative C’s we’ve been having.  This evening, the sun came out and reminded us that it is still hot and shall be warming us very, very soon.  But first, some Christmas.  Oh and some January.


“Richter” one of the new bulls on the farm ( named by Brent for his amazing 9.5 score on the bull scale ), is enjoying the bright while snuggling into some hay.  You’ll be with the girls soon, Richter,  munch up you’ll need the energy.


The sun also shines on the hills and a farmer tidying up before he takes his daughter to fencing.


The sun also warms up the brick walls of our old Gascon farmhouse.  The cold is winning, but the fire inside keeps hope alive.


Tosca is finishing up her great find.  Could be a small bunny, an old bone or maybe she’s practicing her smile for when a small puppy might arrive.  Or is that a growl…

DSC_1607Mint is out without a coat, sweeping up.  I’ve tried several times to chuck that old broom, but the kids keep bringing it back into their games.  I must admit, it’s a solid broom, but too short for me to use.  Evidently, it can fly!

Eel Fay Bow


Sun. Bright. Bathing suits. Car wash.

I didn’t realize how gray and rainy it has been. The sun came out and it changed our day. After two drought years, I welcome and encourage the rain. This sun stuff is marvelous, but I wasn’t moping ( or mopping for that matter ).

The kids did the Sunday car wash on Saturday. Tosca’s Sunday bath was on Thursday. We’ll get back in line now that the sun has joined us in the Gers.

Minty finally got the hose, poor middle child.


She sprayed Zelie to see what would happen.


Tosca is drooling over baby bunny season. She also does a drama queen pant as though it’s really hot. Silly retriever.