February Second, A Superfecta!

them there eyes
February second, 2014 was a day of wonderment.  Otto, our only boy, is nine!  It’s Groundhog day!  It’s crêpe and cider day in France!  The Seahawks won the Superbowl!  Disco!




It was a busy weekend.  It can be a bit challenging being the douzième homme.  We did our best.



We raised that boy to nine thus far.  Tosca and Lumi, our closest resembling groundhogs,  looked for their shadow and saw nothing.  We ate les crêpes. And we tried oh so hard to stay up for the French coverage of Le SuperBowl ( say, “sue-pear-bohl” ), but fell asleep.  Here’s hoping for a rerun.  I hear the first twelve minutes were exciting.