Les Impôts


It’s tax season here in France.  I do the entire year over a week or so.  I have ambitions of resolving each month like a responsible person, but I get carried away in the thrill of selling beef and chicken.  Oh and the four crazy kids we have.

My head is full of numbers, receipts, where did I put that thing?  Who is this guy we paid money to?  What was it for?  Naturally, when someone asks me to do something fun other than tax work, I’m on it.  So when Celi ( from The Kitchens Garden ) asked her followers to show where we write I thought, ” PERFECT!!! ”

I normally write a quick something while everyone is requesting me to do other things than write a blog post.  I can usually deflect and postpone, but then eventually, I have to publish and hope for a few jokes without tyops.

Our two useless farmdogs sunbath and keep me company.


And the boring stuff has its own space until I am finished. Les Impôts is “taxes” in French.  I must admit, Les Impôts sounds more approachable than “taxes.”


Though, I am collecting a list of words that do NOT sound better in French.

Exhibit A:

English: Tire

French: Le Pneu

The ‘p’ is pronounced.  “Pnew.”  If you need to talk to someone about tires in France, grab some tissues.

Here is the herd last night.  Another new calf.  Twenty so far.  Waiting on a few more.


right, back to les impôts.  Now you know, I have to do this all over again in English for America … don’t get me started on that.  Totally sucks.

What’s Your Favorite Song?


Finishing up and wrapping up our American duty this year.  Shout out to America is  done.  Taxes complete.  Just need to complete our other detailed information … financial whereabouts, date of last menstrual period, bowel movement regularity, any mood swings and so on.  It’s so sweet that they are concerned about the American expat.  awww.

Each year we do this and each year I forget the internet details.  I answered the security questions, but failed all of them.  The first failure was “What is your favorite song?”  I panicked.  When did I set this up?  What was playing at the time.  What mood was I in?  What was my favorite song????  I don’t remember!  I thought it might be the only song I know all the words to.  Which, of course, I won’t disclose here.  But THAT would be a better security question in my opinion.

I called the dude.  I said, “I failed everything.”  He laughed.  I said, “I didn’t know my favorite song.”  He agreed that there are too many to love.  I said, “can you help?”  He did.  and I’m all good.  Though, I failed again because I didn’t asked him what HIS favorite song was.  I can imagine the possibilities.  For me and my gub’ment help today, I’d say his favorite song would be “Word Up” by Cameo.  He had that vibe.  So, thank you! … Cameo for helping me serve my duty to America.  I can now get back to grass-fed beef, raising the kids and feeding people.

Though, I ask you … what was your favorite song last year?