Lego Candy Dispenser


Yet another trip to the shop to grab some little choco bits for Otto’s obsession with Lego candy dispensers.  He’s built many different models.  He’s very proud.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

He’s thrown failed dispensers across the room. … not sure where he gets that from?  He’s dispensed many bits of candy.

Add a coin … this is an American coin model.


Move the yellow piece.


Voila!  candy.  Candy coated green chocolate joy.


My fav is the one where you can pick what color candy you would like to come out.  Little dial on top.  He sorts the candy accordingly.  I’m loving this lego machine thing.

Since candy was part of the project, Minty and Lucy also created a candy machine.

What A Difference A Toy Makes


I’m the sort of parent that fully supports toys for children that promote their product ” Now! With Just One Piece! ” Love those. Any number above that, screaming in bold caps at toy consumers, captures people without children or my mother. 25 pieces!  35 pieces! 75 pieces!  It’s a perk!  More for your money!  My mom would pay extra if those 75 pieces also made noise and did not require batteries.  BUT ( and what is your big BUT? )  this 75 piece set has learned me something new.  Snap Circuits Pro, is amazing.  Durable.  Levels.  Information.  Fun for a girl or a boy.  75 pieces and hundreds of exercises teaching this dude electronics.  He can’t stop himself.  He loves lego sets, but once assembled ( t = 6m23s ) he looks around for something to do.  He did the first three “sets” in the book and couldn’t wait to do more.  Actually, he got so excited, he finished exercise 3 and then skipped to exercise 215. He asked Dad for help.  We had to rein in his instant gratification tendencies and said, ” do each level and check it off as you go. ”  Can’t blame him, who wouldn’t want to chuck off a helicopter by sound and make a happy birthday song with a circuit.  It’s the sort of toy that I sat by him, doing a bit of computer work waiting for him to go to bed.  Then saying, “well, I think you should wrap it up and get some sleep.”  He would be at it all night.   I’d find him in the morning with slober on a little green piece that met a blue piece.
This toy also embraces failure.   Otto set up a circuit to fly the red propeller thing.  Round and round it went, but it did not fly.  “Mom watch this!!!”  But it did not fly.  He miserably turned off the circuit and the little red propeller flew high in the sky.  Oh the laughter.  From Otto and from me.  It WORKED!

I’m absolutely not paid to write these words.  I am impressed with this set and all its pieces.  I felt the need to share the love.

Check This Out

Home from the shops.  Dogs running to say hello.  Neighbour mowing the lawn.  The sun is shining!  “Check this out,” says the neighbour ( he’s from England so I need to spell it that way ).  I think, hmmm, he mowed a dog.  He mowed a nest of eggs.  AH!  He mowed a doll!  Quite an image.


Dolly was camping out in the long grass, yes we have long grass and yes it is August ( woo hoo! ).  She hunkered down in her grass bunker waiting for the right moment.  Sadly, all her hard work was thwarted by two minutes with Mr. G. and that lawnmower.  She should have heard him coming.  She should have heard that noise.

Amazingly, she lost but one butt cheek and a tricep.

Today’s Casualties


Brent’s tractor battery in “S.O.S” mode has been brought back to life.  The tractor, it runs.  And that’s my “women’s bathroom” silhouette.


Giraffe pillow and “pink banklet” matched with two green chairs had some sort of fun today, not sure what.


Two old Skoda tires were stacked, not sure why.


Peppa enjoyed the sun.  No doubt a puppy chew and judging by the tuft of fur on her dress, Tosca joined in as well.


This rolling thing was used today.  I’m sure there were giggles.


Things were built and displayed  for appreciation.


The cows are in and munching away.  I love this mode.  Today gave us a Teletubbie sun.  Yesterday, more heptagons.