More Willow Bye-Bye


The courtyard willow is gone.  Old tree fell victim to vermin.  After the branch that fell, we investigated the rest of the tree and news is not good.  Our friend helped take down the other side.  The center piece will come down in fall.

So, more clearing.  Z is the bestest helper.  She is non-stop.  When you want to grab a rest, she will say, “what are you doing?”  Meaning, “let’s go!”  So Kevin and the kids ( mostly Z ), broke down the tree and piled it on the bon fire. ( nice guns, Kevin! )


Z is in charge.  You’d think, after all these years of development by us adults, a four-year-old would be a minion. Think again.


Brent is cutting the last of the hay.  My ISO is whacky, but you get the idea.


The Balls Are Back In Town


The bulls are in.  Here’s one, the black guy.  There is another just like him.  They are enjoying their special purpose.  The girls gave them a bit of hell on first introduction, but everyone seems like friends with benefits at the moment.

A little French lesson “Buvette” is what they call the bar at the village parties.  It is also what you call this brown bowl full of water for the cows.  English language equivalent would be “off to the watering hole.”  I thought it was interesting that both French and Americans see the cow bowl as also a place to grab a beer.


GRrrrrrrr.  So much grass, yet still you, Cow 10… I’m watching you, insist on eating under the wire.


Fun today.  Brent precisely placed the hay prong into the waterline.  So amazing, I don’t think he  could do this a second time.  There’s a challenge.


Just amazing.


When The Sun Shines



That’s right.  That roar you hear is not Katy Perry, it is the sound of mowers on tractors.  The sun is on.  There should be enough sun window to cut, fluff, rake and bale hay.

Brent readies the iPod and off he goes.


Brent Pulled A Semi Out Of The Mud

And I have no photographic evidence. A picture is worth a thousand words, I know. A picture also robs you of a thousand exaggerations.

This semi had two trailers, found its way to some mud and the wheels began to whizz. In a few years it will have four trailers. A big rig with four trailers that fell in the pond and had to be pulled out.

How it got stuck in the mud is not important. Watching Brent tow the big beast with his Renault tractor was amazing. Also exciting was a proper job for the big chain. I’m mostly sharing this with you to elicit your inner “frown nod” ( a frown nod from Kevin always makes me happy ). Big chains, big trucks, tractors and mud – these are the things boys are made of made of.


Actually it wasn’t a semi truck, but a large train that derailed in the Gers. Though trains do not run in the Gers, a train derailed and right on our farm it got stuck in the mud. Brent towed it out with nothing but ambition and this pencil. You should have seen it.