Dad, It’s Cracking


This is what Otto said to Brent over the Talkie Walkie while Brent was checking the herd.  Before he went to the field, Brent was primed with what this comment might pertain to when Zelie came in with a branch and said, ” I pulled the tree down.”


Brent looked at the willow and it looked like there was a problem.  Checked the herd and ran back when Otto said, “it’s going crack, crack, crack.”

Now it turns out Zelie didn’t pull the tree down.  She was holding a branch of another tree.  But, the Willow, well, a large branch gave up yesterday.

With some help, we ( we being Brent and help ), assisted it’s fall.  Not sure where the branch would land, we brought out the big, bad digger to act as a topiary bouncer.


All went well and the chainsaw became wedged.  Boo!


Plan B, Brute Force Ignorance and Heavy Machinery.  Brent whacked a mole.


Then it fell.



The branch was not well.  Now we are curious about the rest of the tree.  It’s a beautiful tree.


The willow, in its current state, seems to be doing the English equivalent of “flipping the bird.”  So something must be done.


Last night, I sat and took in my new surroundings.  The courtyard is very different without this branch.