Cow Tweets


When the kids are home and Brent is in the field with the cows, he tweets in notes. I call them ” cow tweets. ” It’s not all about cows, sometimes it’s cow related things that need to get done.

I thought it might be interesting to tweet his tweets. Though, it’s only interesting for those people who eat beef and are interested in the things that go on making tasty beef.

Today’s tweets:

Cow 42 on heat

G-Unit humped by 1347

1348 , maybe on heat

Cull 46, half a bull….eric the half a bull …

Joe Cool could be veal

0545 yearling looks really meaty

1337 looks great

1339 looks good, but 1337 is a yearling, but looks like a cow

We talk a lot about humping.  And our next beef.  After some moments, Brent says ” no more humping, I think I’m going to give up. ”

… words to live by



Having NO IDEA what ” Eric the half-a-bull ” ref he was on about, I looked it up.  So for you …


Tweets from a Five-Year-Old


“MOM! I can NEVER EVER play my game again! Because this is NOT my blue bag! It’s not ever one of my blue bags!”


“MOM! I can’t use this COLORING BOOK! Zee scribble in it and NOW I need to THROW IT IN THE TRASH. WaH!!!! Because that’s what BABIES DOOOO! I Hate HER!!”


“MOM! I need a bandaid! I HURT MY LEG. IT”S not bleeding, but I NEED a bandaid!!!”


“OTTO! Otto.  Frack. Frack. Frack. Frack. FROOM! HHAHAHAHEEEE!”


“Mommy.  I have to go pee.  Mommy.  Sometimes, little girls go pee outside.”