Ye Olde Yuppie Cup


Our hard water has done in another drip coffee pot. The Rowenta. She didn’t even get a name. But, girl, did she brew a nice cup. I’ve moved back to stove top coffee. After much trial-and-error, I’ve found the perfect cup for me. Even better is its price! My trusty white label Carrefour Discount totally failed. This coffee house black gold comes from a mass produced brand called Legal. The penultimate shelf on your way to the bottom, in the “expresso” section, you’ll find Le Cafe Bistrot Expresso by Legal. It’s pre-ground. Brew that up on the stove, froth your lait with a whisk in a pan and you will find yourself sitting in a Seattle cafe somewhere bitching about the weather.

To really stick the boot in, I like to dust off the Cafe Vivace cups of our Yuppie Years tm and serve suboptimal espresso after lunch.


Tosca could care less about the coffee problem solved and instead cools in the shade. We’ve had at least fours hours of warm after five months of cold. She acts like it’s a drought.