Yesterday Today


Yesterday we triaged the cows.  Sweat.  Hats.  Hot.

Today we gathered buckets to catch the leaks.  We doubled checked the trees.


Yesterday the cows sat in the shade all day.  5:45pm they wandered out for a munch.


Today, we stress test the new coop.  Tornado warnings and large hail balls are speculated.


The wind and rain are crazy at the moment.  Then it settles.  Then it bursts.

Oh Minty, Where Art Thou?



Amazing evening light yesterday.  A sepia between the thunderstorms.



Minty and Z play outside just because they can.



Below is the toy graveyard scattered and loved by our house pups Lumi and Jiggy.



The light reminded me of the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Rain Rain



So a few more weeks of growth!  Growth with the grass.  Growth with the kiddies.  It’s summer vacation now.  The kids get bored and grow.  Weeks and weeks of total boredom can inspire amazing solutions to overcome these dull times.


Rain helps cleanse those whacky ideas and helps you bring your bike in.



Yep.  Lumi, that is a drop of rain.  Move along now silly pup.



Minty is a bit rock-n-roll.



Otto runs after Lumi and sisters and between the raindrops.



Brent runs because he does that.  Great pants!



The tractor tire has been a huge hit! ( thanks for patching, Kevin! ).  Rain adds an extra skill to balancing and bouncing.


Best Day Ever

( photo by b. curtis )

The sun was doing the  sun thing. I feel sun drunk. So gorgeous. So much to do, but for whatever reason ( see sun ), it’s all good.



Kids running.  Making things happen.  Food happening.  Cows fattening.  Lawns mowed.  Total bliss.



And the lilacs.  Gorgeous smell.  Lots of sneezing.  There is so much daylight, we’ll have to enjoy this day for a few more hours.

Well, Hail


We had a hail storm yesterday.  Little guys, but they were fierce.  Of course when the hail was dumping down, that is the moment we needed to get out and tend to the cows.  We got a bit wet.  Milkshake the barn cat took cover and came out when the sun arrived.  He is dry in this photo.  I was wet taking this photo.



Today it is sunny and cold.  We are waiting for some more rain.



After it all cleared up, Otto work with his handcrafted boomerang.  His boomerang did a lot of boom and not so much rang.  It boomed into that tree and never ranged down.  I see it, but can you?



The grass is green.  The grass is HUGE.  Go Spring!



After the hail, aliens came down and took this chicken.  They said they will report back after the probe.

The Sun Is On


And the hay season begins. There is a lot of tractorage about the commune. Brent has been cutting, fluffing and now raking before a light rain that is coming soon.

Minty opened all the windows. Z is … crap … where is she! Gotta run !!

Z Shades


Zélie wears her neon shades that Nana gave her. In her own Punxutawney way, when Z wears her shades there is sun, therefore, the sun will shine and hopefully arrive before June. Just in time for Summer to begin. Our resident curmudgeon farmer who is one with the weather will tell you otherwise, but let’s hope Z’s shade wearing will be a little magic weather feather that brings warmth and sun for hay to be cut.

The Grand Winter


Well, it is cold here in the hot, sunny part of the Gers. The wind is blowing. The cold is colding. The rain is collecting. At the post office today, they said it was the “grand winter.” The sun shines but as toot as it is sweet, it ducks behind some serious storm clouds. And brrrrrrs or blows cold to us poor Gascon farmers that quickly chop more wood for the evening meal.


Minty braved the brrr and did a round on her bike in glasses. The glasses may have helped deflect any chill blown her way.


Z was cold. Though, nothing – cold nor rain nor snow – will prevent miss z from biking around like a dork in the cold. She has a bar to set and maintain. She’s cute, she plays outside in the cold. She is a fource to be reckoned with.

It’s Rainy, It’s Sunny

It’s rainy, it’s sunny. The girls went out between showers to catch some fresh air and sun. Then it began to rain. Then the wind came. In between gusts, it hailed.


It’s sunny now, but I see a big, black cloud coming our way.

The flying bell will pass us by as we wait for the bunny to arrive via the magic American express. Otto wants to set up a camera to catch this bunny in action. Lucy told him that he can’t do that because it’ll run out of batteries. That’ll hold him for this year.

Happy Easter!