It’s Important That You Know About This

My kids adore this youtube beauty. In English, I believe it translates to “chicky peeps.” An entire song auto-tuned with lyrics about animal noises primarily the chick. You’ll find yourself bouncing like you’re listening to a Little Richard song. It’s horrible, but cute, but horrible again then you hate yourself for smiling. But, I love the words for animal noises in other languages and this song runs through a whole lotta them. I remember vividly when I first took in this music. The internet was down. Brent was up early and flipped on some wee hour T.V. I heard a gummy bear singing from the other room something about le poussin piou. So don’t feel bad. Enjoy.

YouTube Wars

It’s a simple game.  A song with a video that does any of the following:


–        sticks in your head like a little robot bug inserted into your ear demanding that you whistle or hum the chorus throughout the day or you will be punished

–        Is so bad that it has you appreciating its reason for existence ( see see my baby jive a complete clash of Abba pop meets Gwar)

–        Is a damn good song that you would prefer never disclosing your excitement with friends


There are more rules, but they evolve.  You just need to feel it.



Not shockingly, most winning YouTube Wars material comes from the “pre-auto-tune” days.  Once you hit the “back to life” beat, all music goes downhill until you hit Nirvana where the artists can actually play an instrument.  We are a bit stuck at the moment while we wait for the next Nirvana or Beatles or Winehouse.  In the meantime, I’ll stick to the early eighties and below to give you this gem that still ceases to amaze and astonish my being.  The leg warmers. ( worn by dudes! ).  The whistling.  The clap double clapping.  The Jazzercize. For you … Hot Chocolate, Girl Crazy :